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By the age of 12 I was a drug dealer and career criminal. At 52, I had 103 felony misdemeanor arrests and had wasted a lot of my life in jail. Deciding to come to church on the homeless bus was a life changing moment. I came on the bus to get the free food and clothes, but I left on the bus a new creature in Christ. I want people to know, no matter what, the calling God puts on us stays alive. I am living in complete freedom and I know it’s all because of Jesus!


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I grew up in church. My mother and father did a good job raising me in the way of the Lord. While in college, I lost focus on what was important and turned to drugs. In 2005, I decided to recommit my life to Jesus and came to Calvary. Today I am married to a lovely lady, have two beautiful children, and we serve together as a family with the DDC. I am truly Blessed and Highly favored to be a part of spreading God's word and love in the community of Daytona Beach. Praise God for His saving grace!