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Excellerate is a16 week personal development program that focuses on five primary areas of growth: Professionalism, Financial Responsibility, Social Skills, Spiritual Enrichment, and Life Skills.

During the implementation of classroom instruction and mentorship, each student is encouraged to set and accomplish personal goals that will promote the "wins" necessary to live in victory. Upon completion of the program, each victorious member receives the much needed gift of an automobile.


Excellerate's mission is to help disadvantage youth

who have seen some success live in victory.


Life Skills


We cannot under appreciate the value of the instruction that comes from resident parenting in a forever home. Many of the daily teachings and input that kids receive are sadly missing in this generation of foster children. Most state agencies recommend 9-10 hours of life skills training for the enrichment of our teens. Our program provides nearly 90 hours of life skills development including; Time management, study skills, organizational leadership, how to be a good follower, problem solving.



We want to help young adults become young professionals. Excellerate teaches students about the business world and how to make yourself attractive to potential employers. Our program incorporates first impressions, resume building, and formal presentation. We recognize the importance of instructing young adults what employers are desiring of their team and how each student can best exemplify those qualities.

Financial Responsibility


In this time in our society, earning a livable wage is not enough. Our students have to be a good stewards of what they earn. Excellerate utilizes Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We want to prepare students for the financial world and possible difficulties. Financial Peace University teaches the importance of budgeting, getting out of debt, building credit, etc. The ability to thrive in the financial market instead of just staying afloat is often the difference between some success and total victory.

Social Skills


Building relationships is a crucial part of life and can sometimes be a challenge. Excellerate incorporates "Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using The Slight Edge" to help develop effective social habits. These habits will help build social growth, positive self-evaluation, and self-improvement in everyday life. The managing of conflict and inner-peacefulness are critical lessons that we find speak to the true success of social development.

Spiritual Growth


We believe part of each students life journey should include spiritual enrichment. Therefore, we endeavor to teach the principles of the Bible in a culturally relevant and inclusive manner. Excellerate, as a faith-based program, is non-sectarian, serving among many denominations and fellowships for the betterment of both program and pupil.



Excellerate creates a class room environment that is vibrant and full of challenges to push young people forward in their academic and life skills study.

Each student benefits from the intimate class room setting and form positive relationships with other students and faculty. Excellerate was developed to facilitate the training concepts of instruction, mentoring and practical experience. Everything we do is built upon this foundation, and these five areas are the pillars that excellence is built on. Our students never walk through these educational challenges alone. Our mentors and educators develop relationships that are built on trust. We want our students to know we care about their lives, not merely a program of study. These relationships blossom in and outside of the classroom to help our students through the many challenges of life.






When I grew up, I was all alone. I moved around through homeless shelters until eventually I was put into the foster care system. Things just seemed to get worse from there. When my biological dad died and gave up ever having a place to call home. Then I found Excellerate! Through this program, I received the love and family I have always desired. Now, I want to go to college and become a Veterinarian. I’m going to heal and love animals like God is healing me!



Growing up I struggled with many things; anger, trusting people, and the drugs I used to erase the pain. All I wanted was for someone to care about me. After I joined Excellerate, I learned how to forgive and trust people again. Now I know that people truly love me! Now, I desire to help people. I want to open up a Maternity Home for pregnant young ladies.



I have been in foster care since the day I was born. When I met my parents, I thought I wouldn’t have to be a orphan anymore, but that didn’t happen. Pushed back into the system, I struggled with loneliness, abuse, and drug use. Because of Excellerate, I’ve learned that there are people who really do love and care about me. I don’t have to be alone anymore. Calvary is my home! Now, I want to finish my degree at Daytona State College and become a successful business man.



My life has been an uphill battle since the day I was born. My mom was only 13 when she had me so we lived wherever we could. While bounced from pIace to place I was abused and neglected. It was then my anger at my mom and family members began. I was desperate for a life I saw so many others live. Excellerate built my faith and I committed my life to Christ! I cant wait to learn more about God and learn to love Him even more. I am going to finish High School and desire to go play college basketball while I pursue my degree.





Would you like to partner with Excellerate to reach this generation of disadvantage youth and young people in and foster care? We can show this generation that they are not forgotten. Our presence is a gift to this group that is looking to be included. There are many areas that you can join us to make a change.

Would you like to partner with Excellerate to reach this generation of young people in foster care? We can show this generation that they are not forgotten. Our presence is a gift to this group that is looking to be included. There are many areas that you can join us to make a change:

  • Mentor

  • Teach

  • Classroom Host

  • Transportation

  • Car preparation



Your much needed gift can make the difference in the life of a young person that may be without hope. Excellerate is a 501c3 charity and all donations are tax deductible. We have been honored to receive both generous individual and corporate gifts toward the cause of these young people. Sponsoring an individual student is possible and we would love to share with you how you and your business can join our efforts!



Your financial contribution is much needed and will help us transform the future of compassion programming in the lives of the modern day orphan. Our program is funded by donors just like you who have chosen to pour resources into this generation.



Excellerate - Steve


National Director

Steve’s passion is loving God's people and teaching God's word. He is an anointed bible teacher who uses real world applications of the Word and personal experiences interwoven with humor and wisdom to help others overcome challenges with the direct application of the scriptures. He exemplifies and encourages living victoriously in the face of adversity by the daily study and application of God’s Word. With over 15 years in ministry, his experience has resulted in a true passion to disciple others and to exemplify an open and honest relationship with God. His transparency in teaching biblical truths and using his life’s experiences as an example is for the purpose of assisting other believers in developing a vulnerability and transparency with God which leads to an unparalleled intimacy with Jesus Christ. His desire is that the body of Christ experience Gods presence, is in position to hear His voice and become devoted worshipers. Steve shows the reality of Godly living paired with Christ-like humility and how to use faith to create change regardless of the difficulty. His style of teaching illuminates his trials and triumphs to teach, to lead, and to break the personal bondages that believers commonly experience. Before stepping into full time ministry Steve worked 20+ years as a skilled and successful sales professional with a multi-million dollar sales platform that helped companies attract clients, convert leads, and close customers.

Excellerate - Teresa



Born and raised in Kansas City, Teresa has been a leader in youth ministry for over 20 years and is passionate about helping young people find a place where they can belong, connect to others and encounter God. Her vision is to see young people not just “surviving” but “thriving” through living out their full potential in God. With a B.A. in biblical counseling her heart is to help others develop a biblical worldview of their life and recognize the core truth that guides right thinking and actions. As an evangelist Teresa brings God’s Word to life in simple yet effective ways that make a big difference in our everyday life. One of her greatest joys and passions is leading women to a deeper and intimate relationship with God teaching on how to fear less and live more in the fullness of Christ and teaching women how to move from being overpowered by life to being empowered by Christ, to look to Jesus who is the hope and healer of all wounds. Teresa has been married to Steve for 25 years and they have 5 daughters and 6 grandchildren. Steve and Teresa currently reside in Ormond Beach Florida and attend Calvary Christian Center under the Pastoralship of Pastor Jim and Dawn Raley.



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